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Festival Director – Marian Blythe

Marian has been a part of Australia’s independent arts community for over a decade. She’s a writer, performer, and producer. She’s worked in book publishing for several years, has taught digital media and marketing, and hosted numerous radio shows and podcasts. She’s a huge fan of Australian storytelling and visual arts.

digital & vols coordinator – Emma Sweeney

Emma’s day job is as a publishing assistant. She interned for The Stella Prize, and makes zines and comics herself. She can be found at artsy events every other day, and stalking your dog on the internet.

Squishface studio

Squishface Studio is an open comic artists studio in Brunswick, and started Homecooked Comics Festival way back in 2012. Its members are a huge help to the Homecooked team, especially founding members Sarah Howell, David Blumenstein, and Ben Hutchings.